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Are you a small business or non-profit? Reach out and contact us! We want your non-profit or small business to grow, and we’ll help you achieve the growth you want, in a timeframe that works for you! If you’re 100% serious, we’ll help you to make it happen!

San Diego, California

we are hiring highly experienced and creative team players to better serve our clients

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Tell us about your project, your desires, your goals… and we’ll help you get it done.  The Evans Group Marketing is 100% dedicated to your success! We’re known for our success, because we deliver results you can take to the bank.

our approach

Our approach is simple… every new project we accept at Evans Group Marketing (EGM) becomes a personal project for us. EGM staff are involved in every one of our projects and EVERYONE of us reviews the final product, prior to release to our clients.  Our team takes great pride in putting their names on the finished product, as we are very proud to see our clients grow because their success is our success!


We are the complete search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) agency, specializing in non-profits and small business in San Diego. Our focus is on maximizing your investment, putting tools and expertise traditionally reserved for Fortune-500 companies, in the hands of small businesses. We will help you grow your small businesses to stand head-to-head with any size business.