At Evans Group Marketing, we are the proven choice for small business search engine marketing for your site! We bring the SEM technology used by top tier business worldwide and apply it consistently to our small business and non-profit clients. Your growth goals are our first priority at Evans Group Marketing, and we’ll be with you every step of the way. Search Engine Marketing with Google Adwords is one of the key steps used in the total SEO process.

Google Adwords

Google AdWords

Google Adwords is the recognized leader in paid search engine advertising, because Google Adwords allows you to put your business at the top of the search engine results for specific search terms, even if the actual website content (organically ranked page listings) is much farther down the page based based on actual relevance for the specific search terms determined by normal search engine page indexing. Google Adwords strength relies on the widely held view by most users of their service, that if it’s at the top of the search results page, that result must be better than those results lower on the page.  Many web searchers fail to notice the small “Ad” icon directly under the paid listing (or just don’t consider it important) so click the paid link anyway.

Human nature, and it’s taken into account when creating the advertising copy used as the description for the paid link.  Google has very rigid rules for the ad copy accepted for Adwords, and outstanding controls for the program to reduce abuse by the advertisers.  It’s a pay-per-click model (even if it’s displayed on the search engine results page (SERP) but not clicked on, the advertiser isn’t charged), thus its appeal to the advertisers. Combined with targeted landing pages designed with prominent contact information or contact forms, it’s highly effective in generating visitors who easily convert to customers… after all, this is what they were looking for.

  • Focus on the exact keyword or key phrase to meet your customer’s need that you provide

  • Responsive Website Design to respond to the platform correctly (desktop, tablet, mobile device)

  • Use Google Adwords and Google Analytics Tools to monitor ad copy performance.

select google adwords that have the most potential for you

Google Adwords offer high flexibility in the selection of keywords and key phrases, and are an excellent way to build Brand Awareness, as well as identify your small business as a provider for the industry or trade you’re a part of.  Search engine users seeing your company in the top (paid Google Adwords area) and seeing your business listed again in the Google Maps area is positive reinforcement. Putting your listing again for the organic search results and having three listings (paid, maps, organic) on the same page in the SERP is a strong endorsement for your small business.