At Evans Group Marketing, we are the proven choice for local market SEO for small business! We bring search engine analysis technology used by top tier business’s worldwide and apply it consistently to our small business and non-profit clients. Your growth goals are our first priority at Evans Group Marketing, and we’ll be with you every step of the way. Local Market SEU (Search engine optimization) for your local market requires you to understand what you currently have, who and where your real market is, who’s your current competion (often times it’s not really who you think it is, or not to as great a degree!) and how best to approach that real market to filter the available traffic into qualified traffic to your website. This is one of the key steps used in the Evans Group Marketing process for small business.

Local Market SEO

local SEO for small business

Local Market SEO means understanding who your market really is and is gained with a thorough analysis of the search engine requests for your small businesses, and includes similar small business in your industry or work trade.

  • Use the major search engines to gather data to fully understand the local market

  • Use keyword and key phrase research to fully define what web users are using for search queries in the local market.

  • Optimize existing content where possible, or create new optimized relevant content to exactly match specific search queries

It starts with thorough local market SEO research to identify what the web surfers are looking for in your marked. Long gone are the days where “if you build it, they will come” which applies even more so on the internet. Thorough research is required as the foundation for local marketing efforts, just as it is in marketing for the internet in general. It also includes how your potential traffic is being generated. Do they search for your type of business from home on their desktop computer or are they more likely to use their mobile device (cell phone most likely, but personal tablets also somewhat fit this mobile category) and must be a part of local SEO site design.

Internet browsing by mobile devices (cell phone and tablet) has significantly shifted away from the traditional desktop computer model, and the major search engines have shifted their indexing algorithms to follow this trend. Mobile friendly web pages now have a direct effect on local search page ranking.  Google announced this shift in early 2018, and the other search engines quickly followed Google’s lead.  No secret on Google’s end as it was a significant major change, so very well publicized on the internet.

Google indexing algorithms utilize a Googlebot that acts like a mobile device. What that means in terms of local SEO is that Google indexes your pages both as a desktop device AND a mobile device, then combines the data with the user experience model to determine where your pages actually display in their search results. If your website is mobile friendly, contains relevant content for the search request, is this content is location optimized, YOUR CONTENT WILL RESPOND HIGHER with better page rank on a mobile device.

learn from google analytics

Use Google Search Console It is the tool web developers and search engine optimization specialists use to see the actual metrics of your web traffic. What they do once they get to your site, how long they stay, how fast they leave, and if they take the desired action (convert).  It also includes a bounce metric (for that percentage of the visitors who immediately leave your site i.e. “bounce”) and if they return again. If you don’t have an account, SET IT UP TODAY!