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EGM News and tips to help small business with aggressive SEO and SEM Strategies

At Evans Group Marketing, we are the proven choice for small business search engine marketing for your site! We bring the same SEM and optimization technology used by top-tier businesses worldwide and apply it consistently to our local San Diego small business clients. Your growth goals are our first priority at Evans Group Marketing, and we’ll be with you every step of the way. We realize that many of our customers need to work their way up to retaining a SEO and SEM agency – let’s face it, most of us start out on a very small advertising budget, and the first years are the hardest. With that in mind, the owner of Evans Group Marketing has put together a list of recommended resources to help small businesses get off on the right foot. You’ll see our recommendations below our blog articles.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords for small business to return maximum value for your advertising dollar, and your ad spend is adjustable as your small business grows.

Bulk Page Speed Test

With the Bulk Page Speed Test, you can automatically determine the speed and Core Web Vitals for your site. A high page speed not only ensures more satisfied visitors but has also become a very significant ranking factor on Google.


Backlinks that WorkGood backlinks are probably one of the hardest things to achieve to help a new business grow online. It’s just the reality of SEO. You do the very best you can to optimize your web pages, and there are multiple tools you can use to help yourself, but those tools only help you with on-page optimizations.

Linkdaddy’s services will help you with the critical off-page backlinks that make the real difference in where you end up on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), both in the general pages and the local search results. Lots of backlinks services out there, but this is where professional search engine marketing companies go when we want results.

The best part of this, is the prices you see on their site are what I’d call wholesale prices – those are the same prices we get as an agency, AND Linkdaddy allows individual website owners to set up and use an account for their own (single) website.

OK, as with anything with SEO and SEM there are best practices that give you better, faster, more persistent results (this is why you retain a professional search engine marketing company – we shorten the learning curve and get you the BEST ROI). In this case, we’ll make it straightforward – Linkdaddy offers a free gig to get you started with backlinks, and it definitely works. TIP: Set up your account with Linkdaddy, (doesn’t require a credit card) then order their FREE Backlinks promotion!

WordPress Hosting

EGM Web Development

After getting your domain name registered, where to host your site is one of the hardest questions to answer and cost/benefit (should be) a strong consideration, because it can make/break your total experience. Page speed and mobile user experience (page optimization for mobile devices) are two of the heaviest site ranking criteria Google uses to determine where your pages appear in their search engine (SERP) results.

TIP:  You get what you pay for on the internet, like most things in life. SiteGround hosting starts out around $2.99/month, but the BEST VALUE is their $4.99/month hosting plan because it offers the feature you will need (and room for growth), and they don’t nickel/dime you on every “extra” service you really need. For a limited time, they also offer FREE SITE TRANSFER.

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