At Evans Group Marketing, we are the proven choice for small business search engine analysis for your site! We bring search engine analysis technology used by top tier business’s worldwide and apply it consistently to our small business and non-profit clients. Your growth goals are our first priority at Evans Group Marketing, and we’ll be with you every step of the way. Search engine analysis to understand what you currently have, who and where your real market is, and how best to approach that real market to filter the available traffic into qualified traffic to your website. This is one of the key steps used in the total SEO process.

SEO Analysis For Your Web Site

SEO analysis, both from internal metrics generated from your current site visitors, and external metrics obtained from analysis of results from the search engines directly like Google, Bing, and Yahoo help us in establishing our goals. We’ll also look for differences in how your website responds to requests to different web device requests. Does your site come right up on a search query from a desktop computer, but can’t be found at all on a cell phone? Search results for different web devices are indexed differently, and it shows in the search results.

Because of this, we also review how well your website responds to mobile users, and if it’s mobile friendly as this type of request factors to a much greater degree into your website’s search engine rankings and search results. Terms like “Mobile Friendly” and “optimized for mobile devices” tests are used by the various data accumulators (Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others) who relentlessly search the web to provide the raw data that is used for site indexing (and even shared between themselves or sold to other 3rd-party aggregators), and each of those search engines use highly developed algorithms often approaching some level of artificial intelligence – all towards the goal of providing relevant content in response to their customers search requests.

  • As with any business, know your market – your customers AND your competition!

  • Responsive Website Design for both desktop and mobile devices to effectively reach your real potential new customers. Since 2018, in the US, Googlebot visits 95% of websites as a mobile device, so if your site isn’t optimized for mobile web visitors… see the problem? DESIGN FOR MOBILE (cell phone) traffic!

  • Use Google Tools as a basis to evaluate and reevaluate website performance for all devices

It starts with proper page construction, what is actually on the page loading instructions that tell your web server how and when to render the page content to your visitors, and then how long it takes to make your page interactive for your visitor. Page construction includes page load time consideration, AND if your pages are mobile friendly.

Internet browsing by mobile devices (cell phone and tablet) has significantly shifted away from the traditional desktop computer model, and Google has shifted their indexing algorithms to follow this trend. Mobile friendly web pages now have a direct effect on page ranking, and Google announced this shift early in 2018 that things on their end were changing.  No secret on Google’s end, and very well publicized on the internet.

Google indexing algorithms utilize a Googlebot that simulates a mobile device, as well as the usual army of bots (some announced, others not so much – to verify the integrity of the information extracted in their visits). What that means in terms of SEO is that Google indexes your pages both as a desktop device AND a mobile device, then combines the data with their user experience model to determine where your pages actually display in their search results. Experience indicates this is now common practice, across the board.

learn from the google search console

Google Search Console is the basic tool web developers and search engine specialists use to quickly see the collected metrics of your web traffic. What your visitors do once they get to your site, how long they stay, how fast they leave, and if they take the desired action (convert) at your website.  It also includes a bounce metric (web visitors who immediately leave your site), and if they return again.

You can also use the Google Site Kit Plugin if the Google Search Console is overwhelming – it is pretty tech-oriented.  Google recognized that, and designed it for the less tech-savvy users.  It’s FREE (no strings attached, other than they hope you’ll use more of Google’s services. Starting out, it’s a great tool, and we 100% recommend it for our clients.  More information is HERE.  Currently, Google claims 3+ Million websites use it; personally, I’d guess that’s underreported

At Evans Group Marketing we use all of the available tools provided by Google to build on our data analysis, including proprietary software to pull accumulated data from the Google Tools for analysis in ways that directly affect search engine marketing (SEM) for small business and non-profit organizations.  If your budget isn’t ready for the more expensive analytical tools (or our services – we use those speciality tools, plus interpret them), Google’s Site Kit is an excellent choice.