Web Analysis to convert highly technical Google Analytics data to market research you can use.

web analysis. SEO analysis service.

We provide Web Analysis services to thoroughly evaluate your market as well as your current competition. We’ll build on this data to integrate with data specific targeted pages and posts to develop a market specific marketing strategy that gets results, for you!

Our SEO specialists will further build on this information to leverage it for maximum value and extend it to reinforce SEO and SEM across the board for your website. Evans Group Marketing puts it all together to streamline our efforts to grow your small business and improve your bottom line.

SEO (search engine optimization)

On-Page Search engine optimization is the process behind the scenes that takes your site content – web pages, blog posts, portfolios, and even images and makes it present to the search engine robots sent to your website to index your total web content in the best way possible.

Keep in mind that when indexing your content, the search engines are looking at the total website content and evaluating your website against their standards of will it be of value to their users.

Your on-page content NEEDS to provide useful information about your business – where you are, what products and services you offer with details and relevant images. It all factors into the evaluation algorithms that Google uses, along with the technical side – User Experience.  SERP is their finished product, which just means search engine results pages, and where your website is listed. Getting you on Page 1 (and staying there)!

It’s not rocket science, but it is a highly technical field where science is combined with art, and used together to achieve your desired results.

Google content SEO will improve content indexing by Googlebot

rank your local business. local SEO.

Using a mobile phone to find some immediately useful and necessary information is a fact of life for most of us these days, so much so that the phrase “Just Google It” is part of our daily life and happens for just about everyone.

At Evans Group Marketing, it’s our goal to put your small business at the top of local results, for both desktop requests and on the phones of your potential customers.

Local SEO for your small business targeting mobile devices

google adwords. SEM campaigns made simple.

Google Adwords. We take the mystery out of the Google Adwords process and provide understandable guidance to make Google your best friend. With Google Adwords, you can realistically achieve up to a 2.1 return on ad spend while staying within your budget. Be seen where your customers are searching, browsing and watching… with Google Ads.

It’s not rocket science, but it is a highly technical field where science is combined with art to achieve your desired results – increasing qualified website traffic, advertising efficiently to your REAL customer base, and growing your small business.

Google Adwords extend your reach with highly localized targeted ads
Website Design | Site Development

website development

Website Development (Web Dev) for small business.  It starts with identification of the right format built on the WordPress platform to meet our customer’s needs, not ours. Once verified by intense market research into your target market, we’ll build a website that will meet our customer’s growth goals, for now and onwards into the future.

What We Do. We’ll design your website based on the Avada WP theme, because it is professional level every step of the way. Introduced in 2012, it had grown to be recognized as the nearly perfect theme for developers, and it has been the #1 selling theme since its introduction, with an ever-growing user base – currently 775,928 wonderful customers. BTW, that’s dedicated web dev users, actual sales are substantially higher, due to multi-copy sales to the same developer. Image Optimization is included as a critical part of your website development.

WP Managed Hosting

wordpress managed hosting

Managed Hosting for WP will take your WordPress hosting to the next level.

For your business to succeed online today you have to juggle all sorts of things; everything from marketing, hosting, social media, advertising, content creation, etc. This can all become quickly overwhelming and very stressful. Today we want to explore why choosing a managed WordPress hosting service, as opposed to a shared host or small VPS, can be one of the most important decisions you can make as it pertains to your website.

Your business deserves the best and a managed WordPress host designed for small business gives you that competitive edge that’s vital to your small business.

reach your true potential customers

Google Adwords

Google Search has the potential to reach millions! We’ll filter those potential millions of visitors with professional SEO and SEM to generate qualified traffic to your website. That QUALIFIED TRAFFIC will convert into customers, and that benefits your bottom line!