At Evans Group Marketing, we are the proven choice for small business search engine marketing (SEM) for your site! We bring the search engine marketing technology used by top tier business worldwide and apply it consistently to our small business and non-profit clients. Your growth goals are our first priority at Evans Group Marketing, and we’ll be with you every step of the way. SEM is one of the key steps used in the total small business marketing process. Your goals are our first priority, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Why you need an SEM Agency, Not Just An SEO pluggin

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Are you worried about not getting higher engagement with your visitors on your website? Do you want to expand your small business? You need proper SEM marketing services that take SEO to a higher level.

You may have heard many times about SEO. This SEO isn’t as simple as it sounds. It is complex, and only an expert can really deal with it.

Every day, people are searching on Google for a “nearby coffee shop” or “local painting company” with Google. They still believed in first-page search results, so if you want to attract your desired audience and generate new customers, you NEED to be on page 1, and you can do that with good SEO techniques.

A 2020 study shows that in the United States, keeping a digital marketing agency for SEO work typically cost $800-$2,00 a month.

Do you wonder why people are spending so much on SEO agencies? Because used wisely, internet advertising provides the best ROI for their advertising dollar, and that’s for all business types across the board!  At the Evans Group Marketing, we know that small business doesn’t have those high-dollar advertising budgets because sometimes it’s enough stress to cover the Workman’s Comprehensive premium and the weekly payroll. These small business owners still recognize that new business is critical to their survival, and still set aside funds for advertising. At Evans Group Marketing, we specialize in SEM/SEO for small business… we will get you the absolute best ROI with Google on those hard-earned dollars, and we’ll help you improve your bottom line where it really counts!

  • You Need The Best Tools Available To Focus On Your Real Market

  • Design for both desktop and mobile devices to actually reach your customer’s potential clients – where they are!

  • Concentrate on End User Experience. Next to Relevant Content, this is the highest test and requires an expert!

Gone are the days that a small business (frequently the Office Manager or one likely one of the clerks in the Accounting Department tasked with a new item in their job description) or a dedicated volunteer at a non-profit organization could put everything together and put up a website.  Either way, it’s possible to somewhat get some positive results however their growth is self-limiting by design (just not their intended design).

Even with very sophisticated content management systems available like WordPress (the CMS that Evans Group Marketing specializes in) that will allow non-technical users to build and deploy a website, sometimes even with reasonable results at first glance, WP also allows for hidden pitfalls and that’s where the experience of a professional agency like Evans Group Marketing comes into play.  We’ll help you avoid the most common traps – like increased long-term hosting costs, difficulties in relocation of your website to a better hosting arrangement as you grow, lack of state-of-the-art web page building tools inside the site that aren’t both intuitive as well as search engine friendly.  Lack of the proper tools (plugins) inside the website to analyze the basic data available from Google, and the knowledge of how to fix something inside the site when (not if) it breaks. And lastly, how to market their sites towards the specialized small business market to reach qualified customers to get the best results possible to grow their business.

Professional search engine optimization and search engine marketing are necessary to reach your growth goals in a straight line and avoid time consuming and sometimes costly detours.  Evans Marketing Group specializes in small business and non-profits… we’ll get you there in a straight line, while improving your bottom line!